Friday, June 29, 2018

Telegraph: Macedonia-The country that will improve your health

The lovely and small country of Macedonia, located in Balkan Peninsula is making a point in the European tourism map. Travel guides and world known travel magazines has written a lot of articles about the jewel of Macedonia, Lake Ohrid. But this time, the prestigious Telegraph Travel dedicated the article about Macedonia’s majestic mountains.
“Tickly cough? Runny nose? Broken sleep? For a fast and effective remedy, try Macedonia.” this is how Telegraph invites its readers to visit Macedonia.

Korab Mountain
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Paul Bloomfield is the author of this long article, describing his experience in Macedonia: “, I found myself hiking through Europe’s most alluring al-fresco apothecary store.”
“A visit to the pharmacy has never been more delightful. Clearly, nobody loves scouring the aisles of plasters, paracetamol and Preparation H in Boots. But on the wildflower-spangled slopes of Mount Pelister in southern Macedonia, I found myself hiking through Europe’s most alluring al-fresco apothecary store.
Pelister National Park
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The meandering trail climbing from the little village of Nizepole, you see, is lined with the delicate pink blooms of lemon thyme, effective for alleviating insomnia. Mix with cowslips, gleaming yolk-yellow among tufty alpine grass, for a tea to soothe those sniffs and wheezes. Pluck a handful of plump, indigo-black berries from shrubby dwarf junipers to settle a dodgy tummy. And if your cough still niggles, try the time-tested local treatment.
Mavrovo National Park
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