Thursday, December 28, 2017

Top 5 best articles of 2017 about Macedonia

Macedonia with its natural and cultural attractions is attracting world medias and travel influencers to write and recommend this country on the list of best destinations.
Macedonia has plenty of places to visit, starting from National Parks, beautiful lakes, among them the oldest and deepest lake in Europe, Lake Ohrid and Ohrid city itself, which are part of UNESCO world heritage.
Here are some of the articles promoting tourism in Macedonia...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Evening Standard: The small country of Macedonia with great vineyards

When it comes to Macedonia you may think about Lake Ohrid as UNESCO site but the British Media “Evening Standard” promote lately in article the viniculture of Macedonia.

Macedonia may be small (just shy of 10,000 square miles) but its vineyards pack a punch. In wine region Tikves, 50 miles south of the capital, Skopje, Stobi offers a range of tours, making it a good bet for the time-pushed. Visits end with a tasting paired with traditional Macedonian cuisine.

Tikves is more touristy, with its firelit tasting room for sipping gutsy, award-winning prokupac and vranec. The relaxed tour takes you past barrels containing the award-winning Alexandria Cuvée adored by locals, and Domaine Lepovo pinot noir.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Top 10 things not to miss in Macedonia

Slavorum is an online publisher who writes articles about Slavic culture, food and touristic destinations. Macedonia is a rising destination and Slavorum lists top 10 things to experience in this country.  “This small nation country with its mixture of Ottoman, Roman and Greek history will lead you to an incredible journey through the amazing ancient cities, giving the modern touch and its natural wonders. You will have the chance to visit the villages with their own traditions, monasteries that will fascinate you, tons of delicious food and its natural treasures that will leave you breathless.” writes Lena Trkalevska the author of this article:
Photo credits: Nikolovskii / Flickr
Here is the list of top 10 things to experience in Macedonia:

Visit Skopje- The capital is the 21st century ever-changing city with its statues, fountains and monuments surrounding the city square. There is a lot to see, starting from the Byzantine and the Ottoman era, the amazing Old Turkish Bazaar, Skopje’s guardian Fortress Kale dating from the 5th century, the Stone Bridge.
Taste the best wine in Tikvesh Wine Region: This is the Macedonian heartland of wine since the 4th century. In the never ending fields filled with grapes, you will have a unique opportunity to taste one of Europe’s award winning wines.
Wander through National Park of Mavrovo: The best Macedonian ski resort, embracing a pine and birch forest, numerous waterfalls will leave you speechless.
Photo source: Slavorum

Horse riding in Galichnik
: Galichnik is famous for its traditional weddings. For the ones eager to do sports, this is the perfect combination of horse riding and nature at its best, while tasting the best traditionally prepared lamb
Kayaking and Canoeing on the Canyon Matka: Just outside Skopje, the Canyon covers 5,000 hectares and is a home to a couple of monasteries from the medieval period.
Photo source: Slavorum

Hiking and mountain biking: Numerous hiking clubs in Macedonia are organizing hiking activities on the mountains Korab, Jakupica, Shar Planina and Bistra.
Sailing on the Ohrid Lake: This recreational activity in the city of churches and monasteries, protected by UNESCO will give you the best sailing experience in Macedonia.
Visit the City of Consuls “Bitola”: The City of Consuls if filled with elegant people and beautiful buildings and sights of the old and the modern part of the city, offering you a unique café culture, Turkish mosques and the most famous pedestrian street Shirok Sokak.

Take a moment of peace in Zrze monastery: Once a spiritual center, this monastery is located near the city Makedonski Brod, in a tranquil location, with a view over the field of Pelagonia and its spacious lands.
National park Galichica: Just outside of Ohrid, there is a place with huge biodiversity of plants and wildlife animals. Once you climb the mountain top, you can enjoy the most beautiful view of the two natural lakes of Ohrid and Prespa.